6 GoFundMe Alternatives for Your Nonprofit Great Fundraising Ideas

Keep up with what’s happening in the nonprofit technology community. It’s also a great way to teach young kids about investing and loans, while educating them about artists and life around the world. Invest (loan) $100 to a few people, and then count the money that comes back. This is a way to help deserving individuals, especially in underserved parts of the world, get just a little bit of money to make a vast difference in their lives. If you have a worthy cause to support and people to help, GoGetFunding and GoSaveTheWorld.
Couples can also easily create a cash fund through Hitchd, which will allow anyone to contribute a monetary amount that works for them. Since there’s no minimum or maximum, any guest or even just a wellwisher, such as a coworker, can toss in whatever amount fits the budget. Here are the top five honeymoon donation websites that every couple should know and how to find the one that best fits your needs.
On average, over 90% of donors are willing to cover this fee if an organization gives them the option. We provide both Free and Advanced Pricing to accommodate all fundraising needs. The plan you choose will affect which fees you can pass on to donors.
Don’t have a Facebook or want to use another website like GoFundMe or KickStarter? Great Fundraising Ideas appreciate your support, but we really encourage you to use Facebook’s built-in fundraiser. Other sites can charge high processing fees, meaning less of each dollar you raise goes to support the Smokies.
A high degree of customization, visually attractive real-time updates and dashboards, and numerous features set CauseVox apart from its rivals. At the lower end of the cost spectrum, CauseVox certainly allows for the greatest amount of visual customization. You can embed multiple types of content, use widgets and APIs to embed content into other sites, host your page on your own domain, and even edit the HTML and CSS of your page directly.
Fundly puts visual aids such as videos and images front and center on your crowdfunding page, believing that visuals are a powerful way to drive donors to action. The platform also offers a blog-like update section and comment functionality on the campaign page, letting you keep supporters up-to-date with your efforts and how you’re using their donations. If you’re trying to raise money for your startup, the crowdfunding sites above might be just the way to do it. Many business owners can attest that there are plenty of people ready to invest in startups through crowdfunding. Fundable’s flat fee makes it a great deal for many successful crowdfunding campaigns.